Seller Testimonials

CBI works for the seller with the primary goal of facilitating a successful transaction. A successful transaction is doing whatever we need to do to create a win-win scenario for both the buyer and the seller. What do our seller clients say about us?

“I’m not sure if people always find the right match when trying to sell their business, and of course perfect matches can always become quite imperfect. Yet we are willing to call David the absolute perfect match for us. Your consistency in putting forth an unbiased opinion regarding the people interested in our company allowed the brightest star to find us. Then, you flawlessly steered us through job completion. Your follow through is excellent. You wear your experience in a subtle and very effective manner…There is no doubt we will call you with our next business venture.”
Former Owner, Brahms Mount Textile

“My CPA recommended that I interview CBI as well as other intermediaries to see who could best represent my company to potential buyers-to determine the best “fit” for me”. Fit is my non-technical term that encompasses all of the intangibles I was looking for: knowledge of the merger and acquisition process; professionalism, personality, desire, communication-an individual and firm with which I could work to represent my best interest. After considering my options and your success in completing transactions CBI was the clear choice.

At the outset, CBI reviewed our goals and had us complete a comprehensive Business Data Form; which was followed up with a number of meetings, questions, and requests for additional data. You insisted prior to making the business available for sale, that all relevant data be prepared-much of which went into a final confidential offering report.

CBI searched various data bases to determine price parameters that energy businesses normally sell for, in order for all of us to have reasonable expectations of a price range we might receive from the sale of the business. However, CBI recommended that we not put an asking price on the business. Since there were a number of national organizations seeking acquisitions, he suggested we utilize a “limited auction” concept in the hopes this would generate a better price. The marketing process began in June, and within a few weeks, a number of firms expressed a high level of interest.

CBI exceeded my expectations as my advocate during negotiations. CBI made it very clear that the shareholders as your client expected only the best offer that prospective purchasers could make — in a way that was forceful without being demanding. They took that to heart and was quickly offered a price and terms significantly beyond our shareholders’ expectations. CBI, working closely with my accountant and attorney, was the “go to guy” during contractual negotiations, and was able to find some areas which made the deal even better for us.”
Former Owner, Deerfield Valley Energy, Inc.

“There is no question that having you and Rob and then Alan, we had the ‘A TEAM’…”
Former Owner, Atlantic Pump & Engineering

“Thank you for working with me to sell my foundry for full price within 6 months! Your support led to a very successful transaction that truly met my every expectation.

Eight years ago you presented several opportunities to me in an exceptionally professional manner. I always knew that when it came time to sell my business CBI would be my first choice to represent my business.

You immediately helped me to lay out a comprehensive plan for the sale of the business. I appreciated your common sense, cost effective suggestions designed to maximize “bang for the buck” investment. But, it wasn’t the money alone. I cannot thank you enough for your support and experience in the emotional and psychologically draining process that is inevitable when one sells something that has become part of you.

As the result of your judicious screening of potential buyers and careful wording of promotional materials; none of the customers, suppliers or employees had a clue that the business was being sold until after the transaction had taken place. This made for a very successful transition with all interested parties intact – great job!”
Former Owner, Quality Castings

“After giving the necessary data to compile a listing, three qualified buyers from CBI’s database responded, in less than two months, with full price offers. ……. Although we had anticipated the sale to take up to eighteen months, it was completed in only six, and was virtually seamless. ….. I can’t imagine having a better experience with another broker, or firm.”
Former Owner, Vermont Country Deli

“Never having sold a business, I was not aware of the complexities involved. You guided us through a process that required time and expertise in positioning Eagle Bridge in a way that would maximize the proceeds to the principals. In the end, we realized a price, structure and terms that enabled the shareholders to realize substantially more after tax dollars than we had envisioned.

“The process took three years. CBI initially provided estimates of value based on both historical earnings, as well as on higher projected earnings anticipated by increasing order backlog. Rather than proceed in bringing the business to market immediately, you counseled us to delay offering the business—until actual orders dictated the higher level sales and earnings to gain credibility and justify the higher value outlined in the valuation.

“CBI worked to put together a comprehensive and professional offering prospectus. You worked closely with our accountant and helped us find a highly competent attorney to round out our team of advisors. You all worked closely together to determine the form and structure of sale that would be most advantageous to us.

“The response CBI received, once marketing efforts commenced, was greater than anticipated. You carefully screened and qualified the many hundreds of prospects who expressed initial interest, only sending specific information on our company to those seriously interested and qualified to buy-this included Professional Equity Groups, Corporations in similar or related fields, and some high net worth individuals. You met with approximately 10 prospects at EBM and received offers from 6 of these. Essentially CBI’s efforts enabled us to choose the buyer we felt would best meet our goals and ensure the future success of the company.”
Former President and CEO, Eagle Bridge Machine & Tool, Inc.

“When I approached CBI to discuss the possibility of selling my business, I had very little understanding of what would be involved in this endeavor. Beyond going through the process of placing a value on the company and then marketing it to potential buyers…His most extraordinary contribution however, was recommending to our accountant a structure and allocation plan that saved nearly $200,000 in taxes.”
Former President, Bradford Machine Co., Inc.

We can’t imagine selling our business through anyone else. I never met anyone who could dance harmoniously with so many partners. The personal handling of potential buyers in our situation posed it challenges. You sensed the bittersweet emotions we felt throughout the process. I felt we were working with a friend.”
Former Owners, Tom and Sally’s Homemade Chocolate

“CBI helped me prepare my business for sale and provided me with an accurate appraisal of its worth. They brought me only qualified buyers and assisted me with every step of the negotiation and sale process. Using CBI to broker my business made a fairly overwhelming process into a very manageable one.”
Former Owner, New England Wetland Plants