Professional Testimonials

Legal and tax advisors are our greatest source of referrals for new clients. Our effective team role is frequently recognized by these professionals.

“Thank you for all your help.  I appreciate all the hard work you put into the deal and the respect you give your clients.  Your insights are valuable.  Your follow through goes above and beyond your traditional role.”
Steven Harrington
Bova, Harrington & Associates, P.C.

“As a CPA who focuses on mergers and acquisitions, I have worked with CBI through numerous transactions. Their ability to thoroughly analyze both the financial and business aspects of the deal enables them to help plan transaction structures, in partnership with the accountants and lawyers, that are mutually beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. By leveraging their considerable experience, expertise, and incredible work ethic, CBI’s contribution to each transaction serve as the lubrication that keeps the deal flowing smoothly from beginning to end.”
Peter Dufour, Director
Macdonald, Page & Co., LLC

“Attorneys in our firm have worked many years with the CBI team. The transactions have covered a broad range of business enterprises in the region—manufacturing, distribution, service, retail and hospitality.” (read more)
Potter Stewart, Jr.
Potter Stewart, Jr. Law Offices, P.C.

“I have worked with CBI on many transactions over the years, and have always been impressed with their sound business sense as well as their ability to keep deals moving from the letter of intent stage through financing and closing. They do their homework, understand the difference between a good deal and a bad one, are great communicators and are fun to work with.”
Phil Gleason
Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson

“We have represented CBI for approximately thirty years, during which time we have come to appreciate the integrity and thoughtfulness your company brings to the process of evaluating and marketing small to mid-sized businesses throughout New England. In my experience, CBI has always sought to improve upon its practices and procedures, and has developed a uniform approach to determining valuation and marketing strategies for its clients’ businesses. This, in my view, sets CBI apart from its competitors and far above them.” “In the time I have been representing CBI, I have never hesitated to recommend that clients seeking to sell their businesses contact CBI first. That is usually the only contact that is necessary, since CBI’s approach to client satisfaction is unequaled.”
Craig Weatherly Esq.

“I have worked with CBI for over twenty-five years. My business clients continually express their appreciation of CBI’s efforts on their behalf. They bring a rare combination of knowledge, patience and matchmaking skills to the business transactions. CBI’s no pressure style and strong financial background allows the clients to fully and fairly evaluate whether a business fits their needs. CBI’s transactions routinely come together as there are never any surprises to throw them off track. I recommend CBI’s services to my business clients.”
Chip Ward
Ward Kenney & Babb

“I have worked with the above referenced company for the past 15+ years on numerous transactions relative to business acquisitions and related financing. Throughout all of these dealings CBI’s brokers have always been extremely professional, very thorough and of the highest integrity and character.As a business broker CBI has done an excellent job at (1) screening prospective buyers; (2) providing comprehensive and believable business plans; and (3) fairly pricing the transactions so that there are positive outcomes for the seller and buyer alike. I always welcome financing proposals on sales managed by CBI and have had excellent success with all buyers that I have worked with over the years. Without hesitation I would recommend the services of CBI for my existing client base if/when they are considering a potential sale.”
Benjamin J. Wheeler
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending
TD Banknorth

“I am always pleased to learn that CBI is part of a deal because I know that their involvement will ensure a seamless transaction. This is due to CBI’s organization, personal attention to detail and utmost professionalism. I highly recommend CBI to anyone considering the purchase or sale of a business.”
Eric M. Knudsen, Esquire
Langrock Sperry & Wool LLP

“As New England’s largest SBA Certified Development Company (CDC), Granite State Development Corporation is charged with the responsibility of providing beneficial financing to New England’s expanding small businesses. Over the last decade we have been most fortunate to work with the CBI experts and their clients in structuring the most advantageous financing that would allow these businesses to transition to the next growth platform under new ownership. Due to CBI&’s thorough analysis of each business client, securing financing commitments is expedited and, typically, on the best terms available on the market. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship.”
James A. Maxwell
New England Business Finance

“I have worked with CBI on several business listings and sales. I have found them to be honest and forthright. On one occasion CBI turned down a listing when the estimation of the sales price was below what the client expected. The client demanded that he list the business for the higher amount. CBI did not proceed with the listing since they did not feel the price was fair. CBI’s experience in the banking industry helps to see the transaction from a unique perspective that is valuable to both the seller and the buyer.”
Michael W. McCormack, CPA
McCormack Guyette & Associates, PC