CBI recognizes the significant roles that financial planners, legal advisors, and tax advisors play in the implementation of a client’s exit strategy. This professional team guides privately-held business owners in the development of an effective exit strategy—setting the appropriate objectives and understanding the importance of early planning. We value our working relationships with these professionals. Our work, together as a team, facilitates exit strategies and optimizes outcomes so that business owner clients achieve their personal and corporate objectives. By fostering a spirit of integrity and cooperation, and keeping the desired result in focus, most business transactions result in a win-win scenario.Business owners trust their professional advisors to recommend appropriate professionals for who can best accomplish the desired task. CBI, is proud that our greatest sources of referral for new clients are legal advisors, tax advisors, and financial planners.

“Our office has had a professional working relationship with CBI for ten years. It is with great confidence that we have referred our clients to them. Our experience is the highest level of professionalism as they endeavor to truly do what is in the best interest of those they serve. CBI understands the “big picture” by involving real estate, tax and financial planning experts early on in the process so as to properly educate business sellers or buyers about what is probable the largest financial decision of their life. These are not waters one should attempt to navigate without expert guidance. I heartily and without hesitation endorse CBI.”

Don M. Silk, CFP, CLU, CHFC
Northeast Planning Associates Inc.


CBI is an active industry leader in IBBA on Strategic Issues Task Force (SITF) and was instructional in correspondence with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to clarify the role of business brokers in a stock sale transaction. This letter (see letter), given its scope and conclusions, has significant impact on the business brokerage industry nationwide. The SEC recognizes a clear distinction in the professional nature of the work between business brokers and other types of brokers. We continue to work with the SEC and the American Bar Association in their proposal to introduce new standards for business brokers in the sale of securities of privately held companies.