CBI: Portland Office

Donald GiancolaDonald F. Giancola
Vice President
Portland, Maine

Donald F. Giancola has successfully led assignments on behalf of CBI clients for nearly twenty-five years. Giancola has focused on mid-sized businesses with unusual characteristics; many one-of-a-kind companies with strategic elements which provide significant barriers to entry, making them unusual and outside of the norm, and where he can focus on achieving premium transaction values. New England is made up of many businesses that fit this model and Giancola has been adept at identifying buyers who can add value to these firms. Prior to joining CBI, Giancola held senior management positions with several of the nation’s leading retail companies. During that time, he gained extensive overseas experience including the establishment and development of foreign offices in European and Far East markets. Mr. Giancola was one of the first US executives to trade with China and was invited by Chinese officials to China shortly after Richard Nixon normalized relations. Donald Giancola’s commitment to improving the level of professionalism in the brokerage industry is evidenced by his active involvement in the International Business Brokers Association where he served on the Education Committee, and where he earned the professional designation, Certified Business Intermediary. Mr. Giancola obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from Northeastern University and has participated in the advanced studies program at Harvard University, focusing on Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning.

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