The Buyer Registration Form is an important first step in the process to becoming a registered buyer with CBI. Our policy is to release information about businesses available for acquisition only to individuals who demonstrate the financial capability to complete a transaction. Upon its receipt you will be contacted by a CBI associate to learn more about you, your goals and how we can assist you in achieving these goals.

CBI strives to create success for both buyers and sellers in every business transaction.

Here are some commonly asked questions by buyers with responses based on our professional experiences.

What do I need to do obtain information on a business that I am interested in?

Why should I contact a business broker?

Do most people who want to buy a business already know what type of business they want to acquire? Why do I need to provide financial information?

What are the benefits of buying a business versus starting a new business? As a business broker, do you work for both the seller and the buyer?

How do I prepare for a loan interview with a financial institution? What documents do commercial lenders want to “pre-qualify” a buyer for a loan to buy a business? What documents do commercial lenders want to “pre-approve” a business loan of a business for sale? Take me through the process. What happens when I identify a business I would like to investigate?


We want to hear your questions about acquiring a business, so please contact us.

Financial information is personal. We treat it that way. The information that you provide is confidential and is protected by our privacy policy.

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